Linn Maxwell Keller

In the fall of 2010, mezzo-soprano Linn Maxwell Keller invited the three of us to assist her in recording a CD of St. Hildegard’s chants. Linn had already experienced much success with her one-woman play, “Hildegard of Bingen and the Living Light,” but was keen to record the chants as Hildegard had originally intended them to be sung: by multiple voices. Mind you, we had never worked together before, and we have incredibly disparate voices. But Linn was all confidence and optimism and passion, and soon enough she had us singing almost as a single voice.

That passion was contagious, and after our initial recording, we all realized how much we loved singing Hildegard’s sublime music together. Several years of rehearsing, performing, touring, and more recording followed, always with Linn as the heart, soul, and engine of our group. Sadly, we lost Linn to cancer in June, 2016, and while it still seems inconceivable to carry on without her, we know how deeply she wanted us to keep singing, and we hope to honor her memory as we continue to bring the music of Hildegard to a wide variety of audiences.